Thursday, October 30, 2008

Newspaper Interview with Kudamaloor Janardanan

This is an interview with Janardanan which appeared on the national daily, 'The Hindu', published on Sunday, September 14th, 2008. The interview can be viewed on the online version of the newspaper on

‘Reality shows not to help music’

KOZHIKODE: Kudamaloor Janardhanan, flautist, believes that reality shows on television will not do much good to music.

“Such shows are popular and gives opportunities for new talents, but how many of us can remember the winners of a competition three years ago?” asked Janardhanan, one of Kerala’s finest instrumental musicians, at a meet-the-press programme here on Saturday.

“These shows are liked by people because it features melodious songs from Malayalam films.” Janardhanan, who was in the city to perform at the District Tourism Promotion Council’s Onam Celebrations, said there was a misconception that Carnatic music was just devotional. “Music has no religion,” he said.
He said he had always tried to stick to tradition even while attempting to create something new.

“I have never tried to gain popularity by using gimmicks in my music; that will only harm music,” he said. “And I have never been keen about fusion music.”