Saturday, October 11, 2008

Madhava Murali

'Madhava Murali' is Kudamaloor Janardanan's album, comprising compositions on Lord Krishna- Replete with creativity, the album is sheer pleasure to the soul.

The CD consists of six popular numbers:

  • Krishna nee begane baro - Yamunakalyani
  • Alai payuthe - Kanada
  • Karuna cheyvanenthu thamasam -
  • Krupaya palaya - Charukesi
  • Enna thavam cheythane yasodha - Kaapi
  • Raravenu gopabala - Bilahari
A Review that appeared in 'The Hindu' on Mon, March 06, 2006

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The flute is an integral part of the Krishna myth. This is a collection of compositions that extol the glories of the Lord. Six popular tracks when played on the flute by Kudamaloor Janardanan acquire a different feel. The veena, mridangam, edakka, ghatam, tabla and other percussion effects provide sensitive accompaniment to krithis like `Krishna nee begane baro... ', `Alai payuthe... ,' Karuna cheyvanenthu thamasam... ,' `Krupaya palaya... ,' `Enna thavam cheythane, Yasoda... .,' and `Rara Venugopabala... ,' a popular swarajathi, with Janardanan chipping in with subtle improvisations. The superb recording quality enhances the charm of the music.